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The Brand

Made in Portugal and ready to take its very first steps in style, Tip & Toe walks straight into your life with a cool and comfortable collection of kid’s socks. Yesterday’s classics were redesigned with today’s colors and energy – the perfect pair to wear anywhere.

Left and right or right and left?

Around here, we let fun and creativity lead the way.

We like to tiptoe, walk, run and stand still – whatever fits the mood.

For smiles from tip to toe… ready, set, go!
About the brand
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The first step

Filipa Simões de FreitasHi! My name is Filipa, I’m a designer and I love first steps.

My daily work is filled with helping new ideas come to life or refreshing existing brands, supporting their online and offline presence through strong communication and a memorable presence. I love every step of a new beginning. The possibilities are endless.

With so many projects on my desk, my mind is always brainstorming, swirling with ideas – some never make it out of my brain, others fill my notebooks, others are tucked away for a rainy day. Again, I love every step of the process.

Sometimes, crazy, simple ideas are suddenly something we can’t get out of our head and we just know they have to see the light of day, they have to meet the world. And the world has to meet them. That’s how Tip & Toe was born. I mean, how can you not love cool socks? There’s nothing like putting our best foot forward. Always. Every single day, in everything we do.

In the meantime, I’ll just have to wait and see where my feet will take me next.

Proudly from Portugal

Experience, quality, sustainability, durability. It’s impossible to not be super proud of our incredible textile industry. Portugal is a true example of innovation, comfort and perfection when it comes to manufacturing timeless attire, which means we’re already one step ahead. It also means that once you slip them on, you never want to take them off.

Ready to walk the world?
Made in Portugal

Pair and Wear

This is our vibe – pair and wear – which means we love teaming up with cool national and international brands that share our adventurous spirit and are always on board for another spin around the block.

Thanks to Selina Secret Garden Lisbon for welcoming us for this video

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