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Sock, Sock. Who’s there?

A sock brand! One day we will look back and see that in the year 2020, in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, so many projects were born and this was one of them. In days of great uncertainty, lockdowns and isolations, we had time to daydream and think about the things we’d really like to do.

As if searching for some sort of energy, it came to me quite suddenly, just like this: socks. It wasn’t an idea that I had been entertaining or thinking about doing, it was a flash. One Saturday afternoon I grabbed my computer, started researching factories in Portugal and sketching ideas. This was the very first step.

And I never looked back. I kept outlining more plans, more drawings, more tasks… it was as if I had boarded a non-stop train.

But the truth is that with this very modest idea, the reason that I didn’t stop was thanks to the enthusiasm I received every time I told someone about it. The real reason is that brands are made by people for people and we all need each other.


A special thank you

Thanking someone is a practice that is so good for us, so with my first footstep here at Tip & Toe I want to leave a special thank you to those who stood behind this idea and helped make it happen.

To Eva for helping me move forward, supporting the project right from minute zero.

To Monica, because without her Tip & Toe wouldn’t have the magic of words. And for being my anchor in all ideas and challenges.

To Inês for being my work soul mate and for always being available to help. The best person for discovering everything and anything on the Internet.

To Daniela for always being there, here and everywhere to help.

To a photo shoot done right before mandatory confinement and that was only possible with teamwork. Starting with the hospitality of Selina Secret Garden Lisboa, the professionalism of Márcia and Marco who photographed and filmed. And especially to the Portuguese brands that gave the final touch for Tip & Toe socks to shine: shoes by Dulis, clothes by Jangada and skateboards from AFC Woodboards. And thanks to the little adventurers who behaved beautifully during the entire photo shoot.

To my family and my daughters, who are always my idea testers.

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